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Hickey Theology is a collection of letters written by Rev. Shane Hickey,

Pastor of Fellowship Christian Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

How can we keep our joy                            August 2003

Partners in Education                                 September 2003

Reconciliation                                             October 2003

Focus on Fellowship                                   December 2003

The Reflections of a Minister                      January 2004

Focus on Fellowship                                   March 2004

God's Love                                                  June 2004

Partners in Education                                 July 2004

Reconciliation Sunday                                October 2004

A Purpose Driven Life                                November 2004

Christmas Rush                                          December 2004

You make a Difference                              May 2005

Happy New Year                                        January 2006

January 2007                                             January 2007

A Powerful and Wonderful Reality             May 2007

State of the Church Address                     June 2007

Another Great Year                                   January 2008

The Future                                                 July 2008

It is that time of year, AGAIN!!!                  September 2008

Westwood Sunday                                     November 2008

Your Visions                                               March 2009

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