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 Partners in Education

   I am excited!!!  We are beginning a new program in the church and it promises to be something very special.  Partners In Education is a great opportunity for us, as a church to not only become more involved in the community, but it also gives us a chance to help our greatest treasure, our children.  On September 7th, we will have, what I believe will be the first of many, Partners In Education Sundays.  You will find in this newsletter and in the hall a list of Westwood's teacher wish list.  These are items that if not taken care of by someone, the teachers will have to dig into their pockets to provide for themselves and the students.  I know that the list seems large, but I have confidence that we will rise to the occasion and we will help fulfill this wish list.  I would like to make a presentation to Westwood at the September 12th luncheon at Indian Spring Baptist Church.  I will be attending this luncheon on  behalf of Fellowship Christian Church.

   Along with the wish list you will also find a list of other opportunities to become involved with Westwood.  They are always looking for volunteers in so many different areas.  The list of opportunities is also long, but it is important you find that special place where your time and talent can be shared to benefit the children.  This is another way that we become God's church in God's world.  When we move beyond our doors to help others that is when we become the true church.  May we always strive to be that church!!

Until next time.....

Grace and Peace