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  Reconciliation is what happens after individuals put aside their differences and join together again to be husband and wife, family, friends, business associates, neighboring nations and even church families.  Any time there is reconciliation in a relationship, this is good.  Reconciliation is so important.  Being separated from our family and friends, being at odds, looking across borders with great suspicion and hatred causes great stress and resentment to grow between all involved.  If it is left unchecked each passing day makes it more and more difficult to move toward healing.

  Healing severed relationships takes someone willing to make an effort, whether you are guilty or not.  As a minister, I realize that winning the battle could actually cause me to lose the war and so as peacemaker, I must be the one to make the move.  If a relationship between two people, a nation, whole race, even races are worth creating or mending someone has to make the first move.  It is time, as Christians, that we step to the front and show the world that in Christ we are untied no matter what race or color!!

  I am sorry to say racism can still be found in the church today.  The church is the one place where it should never exist.  Hatred of another human being because their skin is a different color goes against everything that God intended and Jesus teaches.  Look at the world and how different people and cultures are killing each other because they deem one another inferior.  All human life is precious to God.  How can we allow the exclusion of other human beings from experiencing life as God intended, free to choose their life, free to live life to its fullest without fear of being discriminated against or worst, being killed because their skin happens to be darker or their culture different.

  I know that there will always be those who have and those who have not.  I am not that naive to think that we will have a world where everyone will be equal financially, although I dream of a day where everyone will have what they need.  My dream is that all humankind is free from experiencing racism.  I dream of a world where all people are treated with respect and dignity as members of a family called Humanity.  I pray every night that I will never judge whether another human being is worthy of God's love and compassion by the color of their skin or their cultural beliefs.  There is a song "Let there be Peace on Earth".  The last line says 'and let it begin with me'.  Peace will come when all are accepted as children of God, treated with respect and dignity.  So, let reconciliation begin with God's church and who is God's church?  YOU AND ME!!  I know that in our world today it may be difficult but we have the greatest gift and most powerful weapon to share,  God's love!

Until next time!!!

Grace and Peace