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 Focus On Fellowship

   Here it is Christmas.  We will be spending the next three weeks getting ready with festive parties, decorating our homes and trees with the colors and ornaments of the seasons.  We will be preparing ourselves to do battle with all those who are searching for that perfect gift for that special someone.  The joy of Christmas often is a fleeting  thing.  That special feeling we get this time of year often disappears as we unwrap that last Christmas present.  The Christmas spirit lasts only as long as there is still turkey to eat or until the wrapping paper is gathered for the trash.  The anticipation that was so exciting turns into us dreading next month's bills.

   I think all too often we look at Christmas as something that happens only once a year.  It is as if when Christmas is over, we can't sing anymore Christmas songs.  We surely can't cook a turkey with dressing.  Some believe if you do, you are breaking some law and the Turkey Police will come and put you away until THE RIGHT TIME to cook turkey comes around.  If that is not bad enough, my family threatened to throw me out of the car, on the way to Houston, if I played Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  The stores have pushed Christmas up to Halloween (just to make more money).  We are so tried of Christmas by the time it comes, when it is over, IT IS OVER.

   I love the feeling that comes at Christmas.  There is that need to visit family and friends.  We all of a sudden feel this need to give gifts.  There is this moment where we realize how blessed we are and for a very short time the world becomes aware of those who are in need and our arms are open wide.  Oh, I know that caring and giving still goes on during the year, but not like it does at Christmas.  It is a shame that it is only at Christmas that we sing songs of peace on earth, goodwill to all.  It is a shame that this event that changed the world is not celebrated each and everyday.  I believe that is the problem, Christmas has become just an event and not a way of life.

   Jesus Christ came so that we could see how much God loves us.  Jesus Christ came to let us know that we are forgiven.  These gifts that have been given to us are not just for us to open and claim as only ours and put away on a shelf.  These gifts are to be shared not just on one day.  When we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ with others, when we help others experience that feeling that comes from knowing that they are loved and forgiven, we can make it  Christmas everyday.  Celebrate the birth of the Christ child each and everyday.  Now, if I could get everyone to sing Christmas songs in July.  Oh well, one thing at a time.

Until next time...