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 The Reflection of a Minister

   We sometimes fail to say thank you to those who serve the church so faithfully.  Bill Forester has served as the Chairperson of the General Board for the last two years.  Bill also teaches a Sunday class.  Bill's leadership and dedication have been a blessing to our church.  Bill always kept the Board focused on doing its job.  It has been a joy to work side by side with him.

  Mark Teague and Mary Dobbins have faithfully served on the General Board the past three years.  Mark served as vice-chairperson and May as the board's treasurer.  Mark has also overseen the creation and implementation of our web site.  Brenda Jackson will retire from the Board this year.  Brenda has faithfully served as our Board secretary.  Mark, Mary and Brenda's dedication and commitment to the board and our church is greatly appreciated.

  Being a chairperson can be a difficult job, that is why they are so important.  Chuck Hoover has been our Evangelism / Outreach Chairperson for some time.   He also served on the board this year.  He has been faithful to his call and has worked hard with me in meeting the needs of our community and in making our visitors feel welcome.  It has been a pleasure to work with Chuck.

   Charles Hoffman started the year as our Stewardship / Property chairperson.  He faithfully served that role until he and Rosalie moved and felt it necessary to step down.  Jake Unruh stepped in to finish out the year.  Jake faithfully fulfilled that role.  It is a joy to know that there are always those who are willing to do the job and Jake is one of those special people.

  If you didn't know it, Steve Dobbins volunteered to clean our church.  As a minister, it is comforting to know that on Sunday morning I know the church will be clean.  Steve does this for no money but simply for the love he has for his church.  Thank you Steve!!

  We have some wonderful Elders in this church.  Each Sunday I am privileged to sit down at the table with some very caring men.  We laugh and joke with each other.  We share in the trials and tribulations of our lives and the life of the church.  Our Elders are involved in Sunday school, prayer group, and committees.  I believe we have some of the most active Elders that I have seen in a long time.  We have Elders that take seriously their role at the table and I am moved by the words they speak at the table.  We are blessed!!

  Where would we be without all the members of this congregation??  Thank you for your support of me and our church programs.  We have much more to do, but I had to say THANK YOU for all you have already done!!!

 Grace and Peace