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  Focus on Fellowship

   God loves diversity!!  God created it!  So answer me this, why do we want everyone to think alike, or better yet, believe what I believe?  I hear people who are suppose to be Christian tell another Christian that because they don't believe as they do, they are going to hell.  I hear them tell a fellow Christian that their denomination is wrong because they don't baptize correctly.  And of course that means they must do it by sprinkling, not immersion.  Why is it someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong?

   The Passion of Christ has stirred things up.  I watched a program the night the movie was released.  There was a Jewish individual telling the public that it is anti-Semitic.  There is a Catholic telling the Jew that now the people will get off the backs of other Catholics because they have a new villain.  Then there is the Baptist guy who in the the conversation feels he needs to convert not only the Jew, but the Catholic as well.  Many Christians are passionate about what they believe.  We are quick to destroy someone's belief system because we have the right answer.  We know we are right and by God we are going to tell everyone we are right and they are wrong!!

   It is now wonder people run screaming from the church, or worse yet they don't even want to attend.  The Christian Church cannot even agree on who Jesus is.  We can't even agree on something like how we are to serve communion and when, but also to whom.  The very instrument that is supposed to bring people to Christ (or as I would like to think, bring Christ to people) is driving people away.  There are attempts for the churches to drop their differences in theology and work together for the good of all, but there are still walls that prevent THE CHURCH from being the true instrument of God's love.  Jesus did not intend for us to be apart.  I wonder if he came back today, whose tables would he turn over?  Our beliefs have separated us, but we all worship the same one true God, we are all called by the same Jesus and we are all empowered by the same Holy Spirit.

   Have you ever stopped to think what we could do, just in Broken Arrow, if all the churches would work together?  If we would be as committed to living the passion of Christ as we are in arguing about it, the world would be a different place.

Until next time....

Grace and Peace