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   We are human beings.  We are made in the image of God, but we are human with all the shortcomings.  We seem to think that we need things to make us happy.  We are always trying to buy the newest car, the latest fashions or for the guys the latest toy (car, boat, etc..).  We pursue these things with great enthusiasm and often we do so at the cost of other very important things, such as our families, even our very souls.  We think if we have these things we will be happy and at last we are satisfied.  The problem is there will always be a newer and fancier car being built, fashion will always change and there will be new toys that we think we have to have.  The world will see to it that we are never happy or satisfied.  Don't get me wrong, to have these things would be nice, but if our happiness or joy is based on whether or not we have these things, then something is AWFULLY wrong.

   I know you have heard this before and you probably are saying you are preaching to the choir, but hear me out once more.  THINGS can and will disappear and if your happiness is tied to those things, it will disappear and you will have to find something else to fill the void.  If our joy is centered on God then we will never be disappointed.  God will never leave us!  We don't have to work to gain the greatest gift ever given, that gift is GOD'S LOVE.  It is yours forever!!  It knows no boundary!  There is nothing that you can do that will separate you from that love!  The world can't control it.  The world does choose who gets it!  IT IS YOURS!!  I don't know about you but knowing I am loved and forgiven brings me great joy and the world can't take that from me OR YOU!!

Until next time....

           Grace and Peace