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Partners In Education

   It is that time of year when teachers, schools and parents are preparing kids to go back to school.  Providing school item such as clothes and supplies can be a very stressful time, especially if a family does not have the money to cover those expenses.  Again, we have an opportunity to participate in the life of our community through Partners in Education.

    On August 8th, we will have our first Partners In Education Sunday.  We will be providing school supplies that may be needed to help children who come from families that can not afford to buy them.  We need items such as pens, pencils, past, paper, writing tablets, scissors, crayons and rulers.  Westwood Elementary and all other BA schools start back on August 11th.  Hopefully we can present the supplies to the school the day before so if a need arises, the teachers and staff will  have the items available to share.  I am proud of our congregation and its contribution to Partners In Education in 2003.  We will again focus our attentions on the WISH LISTS of the teachers and staff of Westwood.  Last year we were able to make all the teachers wishes come true and it was greatly appreciated.

   There are so many other areas that we can become involved with, such as test monitors, reading to students and the much needed mentor.  I will be attending the Partners volunteer program in August.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please let me know.  I will find out the date so that those interested can join me.  Our involvement in Partners In Education is just one more way we reflect what the true church is to do, MOVE BEYOND ITS WALLS.

Until next time

 Grace and Peace