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Christmas Rush

      It is finally here, the Christmas season.  We anticipate this season more than any other.  I hate to say it, but even more that Easter.  There is always excitement as well as an energy that I wish we could bottle to last all year long.

   Susan and I braved the crowds on the Friday following Thanksgiving.  There were already shoppers who looked as if the Christmas spirit has escaped.  Looking at their faces and the way they snapped at their family, one would have gotten the impression that they were being tortured.

   There were already shoppers getting upset because an item that was on sale had already run out.  Obviously, they must have been one of the hundreds that got up early and were on the shopping road by 5:00 AM.  I watched as I sat out in the car waiting for Susan to make her way through maddening crowds at a local sporting goods store for an item for our youngest son, a young lady obviously upset with a sales clerk.  She went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to go back into the store and share with the clerk a piece of her mind.  I watch and listened as her children pleaded with her not to say or do anything.  It was disturbing to watch.

   I wish we could stop, step back and watch ourselves and how we are preparing for this season.  We can rush from shopping center to shopping center to purchase that one of a kind with out hesitation.  It is as if we are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, oops, sorry.  We can spend hours shopping for a gift for someone we don't even like only because we think that is what we are suppose to do.  Don't get me wrong.  I love buying for others, but we need to slow down and reflect on why we celebrate this season.

   Is out Christmas ruined because we did not find or get that so called special gift?  There is no way Christmas can ever be ruined because there is no greater gift than God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  There are no gimmicks, no cheap imitations, no way it could ever run out, and you don't even have to stand in line.  There is one thing, it is guaranteed for life.  Stop, reflect, and enjoy your gift every day.

   Until next time...

   Grace and Peace