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You make a Difference

   You amaze me!! The things that you do as a church.  I am not surprised but simply amazed.  You are about to finish up your second year of supporting Westwood elementary through the Partners In Education program.

   You have provided once again items off the teachers and staff wish list.  I am moved each Partners In Education Sunday when I see all the things you have bought for the teachers and staff.  It is a wonderful feeling when I walk into the office at Westwood and I hear all the words of thanks and appreciation.

    I found out just how much it is appreciated at the PTA meeting I attended April 21st.  I was honored to receive for you a plaque showing Westwood teachers and staff appreciation for all you have done.

   I want you to know that you are a joy and that I am honored to be your pastor.

   Thank you for all you do in the name of Christ.

Until next time....