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A Year in Review

   2006 was a wonderful year for Fellowship.  We continued to be involved in our community through our outreach ministries to Westwood Elementary (Teacher's Wish List, helping a Westwood Family), Cedarcrest (Worship, Fellowship Women (Christmas, and Cedarcrest Sunday), A Gospel Sing (ecumenical gathering) and BA Neighbors (Peanut Butter , Christmas).  I am always overwhelmed by and proud of your willingness to be a church, not just in the community, but a church of the community.  It is a joy to serve as pastor to a church family that understands what it truly means to be God's church.

  Change is always a very difficult part of the church.  It is important to be able to look at our programs and create new ones (change others) to help support the mission of the church.  In January 2006, 7 brave souls traveled to Oklahoma City to learn about Sunday school, evangelism and stewardship.  They brought back some wishes and dreams to share.  Sunday school is a vital part of any church's program and in 2006, we added one adult class and a children's class.  A BIG thank you goes to Gywnn Bishline and Brenda Jackson for their hard work in creating out children's Sunday school.  The success of another adult class has been fantastic.

   Another important part of our ministry is our nursery.  Virginia Perry, Charlene Unruh (Jake Unruh / Bob Perry for their work) and the Women of Fellowship have worked so hard to create a wonderful nursery for Donovan, Devin and any child that visits out  nursery.  With a nursery shower (to replace old toys), a fresh coat of paint and some fantastic drawings on the wall (thanks to Katie) we have a nursery that we can be very proud to show everyone who comes through our doors.

   Fellowship is such an important part of being a part of a church family.  The Nurturing committee, through the hard work of Virginia Perry, created many opportunities through dinners and game nights to come together as a family.  It was a joyful year for Fellowship.

   The new programs were not the only thing happening at Fellowship, but our building went through changes, also.  The nursery was only the beginning.  We replaced our roof (blessed by the weather) and we voted to put a new two=-sided electric sign in.  We have been blessed with an offer to help pay for that sign.  WOW!

   2006 was very special because we were blessed with old members coming back and new members joining our family.  Ken and Diana Mitchell blessed us with their return as well as our new members Gary and Carolyn Beisly and Judy Myers.  Fellowship has truly been blessed in 2006.  I am looking forward with great expectations to 2007.  It is my joy to b your pastor and I am blessed to be on this journey with you.

Until next time.....