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A Powerful and Wonderful Reality.

   Ok, I know this may be a repeat on my sermon last Sunday, but I can't help it!  I am excited!  As Lisa, Randy and me sat in that room with 250 other Disciples, I was over whelmed with a powerful and wonderful reality.

   First, the purpose of the gathering was, I believe, to inspire our churches to begin to find ways to be transformed into that church we are called to be.  Jane and Ben, our guest guides, talked to us about how 80% of our congregations are on the decline and many don't even know it.  They also said that the reason they don't know it is because they believe they are in their HEYDAY and so it it isn't broke, don't fix it.  They talked about congregations that have become satisfied with what they are doing and never revisit God's vision for God's church.  It is so easy to get discouraged!  It is so easy to be satisfied with where you are that you don't feel change will help or that change is not needed.  After all, change is difficult and change can create conflict.

   But as I sat in that room listening to Jane and Ben talk about what a transforming congregation looks like, I was overwhelmed!  Fellowship is a transforming congregation.  You have learned to look at who we are as a church, what kind of church you want to be and have moved to reflect that church.

   The outreach you do (Cedarcrest / Westwood elementary / BA Neighbors / Pack 904) shows that mission is key to being that church.  The creation of new Sunday school classes tells anyone who walks through our doors you are committed to teaching God's Word.

   The remodeling and commitment to our nursery speaks to those young families that are here and those we expect ot visit that our children are our key to the growth of God's church.  Your willingness to visit our guest says to them 'you are welcome, come be a part of the Fellowship Family'.  The rebirth of the Women of Fellowship shows your commitment to finding ways to create a family within our family.  Our new sign says to all who pass by that there is something going on in there and it invites them to come see.

   Fellowship is a transforming congregation, the arrival of our new family members and the rekindling of our always faithful family signals to all that the Spirit of God is alive and well within these walls.

    There is still much to do, but together we can and will continue to be a transforming congregation.

  Until next time.....