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State of the Church Address

  Why a State of the church address?  What is the significance?  I believe the church needs to know where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

  From the first time I stood in the foyer following my first worship service I knew that God truly called me here for a purpose.  I felt a spirit that was still alive just waiting to be released.  It has been almost nine years since I walked through these doors to by your minister.

  I wish I could say that it has all been easy and painless.  In these nine years we have had individuals and families come and go.  Some because of life changes that took them away and others because of issues within themselves and the church.

  Through all the changes there has always been a spirit that will not let go of this church.  A good spirit, God's spirit; that has moved this church to press on finding ways to be God's church in the world even in its most difficult times.

  Because of you, the members, Fellowship Christian has not only survived, but it is thriving.  Your willingness to be open to the changes and to give the gifts (TIME, TALENT, and TREASURES) that are needed to grow the church not only numerically but spiritually, is the reason Fellowship is able to do the ministry that is so important to the church and the community.

  Currently these are ministries and programs you, the members, support.  Sunday school, Kids Quest, Women of Fellowship, Men meeting for breakfast, Worship at Cedarcrest, Cedarcrest Sunday, Peanut Butter Sunday, Partners in Education, Pack 904, Gospel Sing, cleaning the church, praying for worship, leading worship through music, nursery care, changing the filters, serving in worship, providing snacks for the children and sometimes for the adults, Sunday greeters, Visitation teams, going to area seminars, support that you give to the Disciples special offering through out the year.  You support the ministry not only with your time and talent but with your treasures.  Fellowship Christian is one of the most financial stable churches in the Northeast Area.

  This is the ministry you are involved with now!  As your minister I am excited about all that you do.  I declare Fellowship Christian church healthy and alive with the spirit.  I declare Fellowship a transforming church.

   OK, we are health and spirit filled!  So what do we do now?

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