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  The vision I have for this church is one where we continue to plan for the future.  We will be a church that is expecting individuals and families to visit us not hoping they will visit.  We have already begun the process because we have prepared our nursery for those children we know will bless it.  Brenda Jackson is here every Sunday waiting with a lesson when a child walks through our doors.

  The Women of Fellowship are planning to remodel my old office into a parlor for families celebrating the beginning of a life through marriage or the celebration of life of a loved one now gone and provide another room for Christian Education and counseling.

  Our Christian Education is important and for it to grow as new members join us we will need more classes.  We have the space,  we simply need to use it the best way we can.  We need to be ready!  Remodeling the children's Sunday  to make two class rooms.  Remodel our fellowship hall to be able to create more Christian Ed classes and also the possibility of an outside organization using our facilities.  I also see us creating an area for children to play.  I see creating a covered area out back to promote Fellowship family activities.

  I see a memorial garden to honor all those who have been a part of not only the history of the church, but it's ministry.  I hear a music ministry that stirs our spirit and all those who join us in worship.

   I see our partners in Education expanding in finding many other ways to support the teachers and staff.  I see our Cedarcrest ministry expanding in that hopefully we can, down the road, purchase a van with a wheel chair lift that will enable us to bring our Cedarcrest family to worship with us and also five them an opportunity to see the world outside Cedarcrest.  I see our ministry to BA Neighbors growing in different areas beyond Peanut Butter to touch lives of abused women and children.  I see us providing a Vacation Bible School so we can invite all the children and their parents in this neighborhood of which we are a part.  I see us working within our community to not only bring people to Christ but always find a way to bring Christ to people.

    A Vision is simply a vision without those to make it happen.  You are key to the vision becoming a reality.  I know this is my vision, but in coming months I will be asking you for your vision.  Together we will work to make God's vision for the church to come true, to make this a place where people want to come to share in worship, to fellowship, to do ministry and to call HOME.  We can be that church if we are ready to allow the spirit to continue to lead us.  Anything is possible when the spirit is allowed to lead.  So my beloved, let it lead us and may we follow.


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