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Another Great Year

   Wow! 2007 was another great year at Fellowship Christian Church.  You continue to support the ministries of this church with your TIME, TALENTS and TREASURES.  Because of your willingness to move beyond the church walls, there are man who were blessed by your kindness and compassion.  I continue to be in awe of you because you continue to find ways to serve God through the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Westwood, Cedarcrest, BA Neighbors, Disciples Special Funds and Camp Christian were all organizations that were blessed by your gifts.

   There were other things that helped make 2007 a BIG success.  In 2007, we got a new roof and we were blessed with a new electric sign.  We were blessed with donations that not only helped purchase and install our sign, but helped provide items for our remodeled nursery.  Through loving donations we are in the process of buying new tables and chairs for the fellowship hall.

   Because of those loving donations, we will soon create a beautiful parlor to serve families during times of joy (weddings) and sorrow (funerals) as well as a place for meditation.

   The other part of our success is YOU, the church family.  Because of your willingness to give of your time and talent, our church event such as fellowship dinners have been a great joy.  Due in large part to Virginia Perry's and your (church Family ) imagination and dedication our time spent together this year was a blessing.

   Our worship this year has been blessed with several special music presentations.  We have learned new music, thanks to Susan and Annita.  We have been blessed with children in worship as Donavon and Devin are growing older now and come to join us.  Where would we be this year without Charlene, McKenize, Danielle and all our nursery angels who raise to the occasion when needed.  What a blessing!  And I get to be your pastor!  I am blessed and proud to be a part of the Fellowship Family.  I am looking forward to 2008 with great anticipation and joy.

Until Next time.

     Grace and Peace