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The Future

   You can look all around Fellowship and see signs of a church that is alive wand well.  Signs of a church involved in the community through Partners In Education, Broken Arrow Neighbors, Gospel Sing and Cedarcrest Care Center.  We are connected to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through our special offerings that move us beyond the boundaries of Broken Arrow into the world.

   You can see family members who participate not only in worship but Sunday school and all church activities.  Each time we gather for a fellowship dinner, our family invites their families and friends to join us.  It says something about a place when its members want to share it with others.

   The things we are doing now are so important.  When people come to visit us, they can see that the spirit is alive and well, but the future is also important.

   Just as living in the past can cause a church to become stagnate.

   A congregation needs to keep moving forward.  Now I am not proposing change for the sake of change, but we must continually evaluate our ministries, programs and even our facilities.

   Starting in September, I want to start talking about a 5 year plan.  We will certainly involve the leadership and all our members in this process.  We need to be asking questions, like what do we want to do as a church?  What programs do we think God is calling us to provide for our members, potential members and the community?  What outreach ministries do we see being involved with the next 5 years?  How do we create and sustain youth programs?  What can we do to upgrade our facilities so that we can accommodate the programs, events and new growth that will occur in the next 5 years?

   These are important questions and issues that we need to be thinking about if we are going to continue to move forward as one of God's churches through the ministry of Jesus Christ.

   Without a doubt, I believe God's spirit is alive in Fellowship Christian Church.  It is this spirit that will move us and guide us in seeking to fulfill God's call to us through  the ministry of Jesus Christ.

   As a family member your input will be needed to help plan the next 5 years.  I hope that you will help us to continue to move forward and be the church that God calls us to be.

Until next time.....

  Grace and Peace