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It is that time of the year, AGAIN!!!

   I know, I know, this is probably the worst time of the year for most church members.  It's bad enough that each Sunday during the announcements I have reminded you about your estimate of giving cards and that September 30 is STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY, but now I am writing an article about stewardship.

   I also know that it's not that we don't want to give our time, out talents or our treasures, but lets be honest, we sometimes don't like to be reminded.  As a minister, I always try to talk about stewardship in all areas.  It is so true we need your treasures in order for programs to be developed, to fulfill our outreach responsibilities, to pay our bills and to help take care of our beautiful facilities.

   There are so many things I would love to see completed this year or at least begin the process of planning.  I want to increase our monetary outreach to Partners In

Education, Cedarcrest and Broken Arrow Neighbors, as well as make an annual gift to Camp Christian.  Increased giving to outreach is so important, but there are other items on my wish list, like our new parlor so families can gather for weddings or funerals.  I think it is time for a new computer and DSL line (fast is GOOD!) so that we can make better use of the tools that are available son the internet.  We need new audio/visual equipment like a TV and DVD player so that we can play special DVD's for Sunday School or evening programs.  One day I wish for us to build playground equipment for our youth and our future youth.  Last but not least, to create more Sunday school and meeting space in our current building.  I know this all may sound like pie in the sky, but I believe we can achieve it, because I know the spirit is alive and well in this church!!

   Treasure can help up achieve these wonderful things, but without your time and talents, they will not become a reality.  God's church needs your time so that we can create programs within the church not only for our members but for ALL who enter our doors.  Our ministry to Cedarcrest, Westwood and Broken Arrow Neighbors would not be so special without the time you give to support them.  Our future ministries to the community will continue to need your time in order for them to be successful.

   Treasure and time are certainly important to help make these dreams come true, but with out your talents the dreams will be incomplete.

   Each one of us has a gift.  As we look to the future and dream of new ways to fulfill our purpose in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will use your God-given talents to help make these dreams come true.  There is so much you have already done, but there is so much more to do and with your Time, Talents and Treasures, we can and will fulfill God's purpose for God's church.

Until next time...    Shane