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   The day is almost upon us!  Westwood Sunday is just around the corner.  The Nurturing Committee, in conjunction with the Women of Fellowship have been planning this BIG day.  there will be a special skit directed by the one and only Lisa Moody with her 'Not ready for anything players'.  Of course there will be a magnificent fellowship dinner.  Be sure to sign up to help provide food.  The sheet is at the table in the foyer.

   During worship, there will be a presentation of a plague to Westwood in appreciation for all they do to educate our children.  The theme, of course, will be 'Teaching'.

   Jesus taught everyday in every situation, whether in his words or by his actions.

   Just as Jesus teaches us the way that God would have us live our lives, our teachers help our children gain the knowledge to live their lives in the world.

   They teach our children to learn how to LEARN.  They help our children to gain knowledge to be able to think for themselves.

   Our children learn to use their knowledge to not only help themselves to help others.  Teaching children is a gift and a privilege.  A teacher is entrusted with expanding a child's mind.  What an opportunity!

   We are so blessed to be partners with the teachers and staff at Westwood.  I know every time I walk into the school and I am allowed to participate in some way, I am blessed.  Come join us November 16 as we celebrate our partnership and to give thanks to God for the teachers and staff of Westwood and for every time we are given the opportunity to teach someone about God's love through Jesus Christ.

Until next time

Grace and Peace