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Your Visions

    Hopefully, all your Visions for Fellowship have been prioritized and turned into the Board.  I know that is was a hard process looking at all the wonderful visions and then trying to decide which one we should do first.

   It was brought to our attention at our Vision Sunday dinner that the visions can be placed in three different categories.  If we look at the visions, they either deal with the facility, the programs or outreach.

   As the Board goes through the visions and places them in a category and prioritizes them, we need to realize that we can work on more than one vision at a time.

   The more members that get involved, the more excitement and more energy is created.

   The most important thing is that we begin to move forward in making these visions a reality.  It was so exciting to see your commitment in creating the visions for Fellowship.  I have had such a joy in looking at your visions and envisioning them coming true.!

   But, we can't let them just be a list and we can't just think of them as simply things WE WOULD LIKE TO DO!  The list you created points to the future of Fellowship.  Yes, some of it may seem to be pie in the sky, but if we don't dream, if we don't have visions for a better future, if we don't have a desire for a more dynamic ministry, then we can never become the church God calls us to be.

   We can exist just the way we are, but I believe you want Fellowship to be more than it is.

   Together with God's help we can and will make your visions for Fellowship come true!!

Until Next time.

   Grace and Peace