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                                            General Board

    You are invited to stay and be a part of our quarterly board meetings.  The General Board meeting is held the second Sunday of the month following our morning worship in March, June, September and December.  The board now consists of the officers and all members of the church.

                                        Cedarcrest Sunday

     The residents need prizes for their weekly Bingo games.  Your donations of snacks, candy and stuffed animals provide these much appreciated prizes.  This is one more ministry you provide for those in need..


        If you are interested in helping to clean the church, please sign up on ‘THE CLEANING SCHEDULE’ FOUND ON THE BACK OF THE UTILITY CLOSET DOOR. There is also a list of things to be done, weekly and monthly.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, get with Shane.

Special Prayers

         Please take time to THANK a veteran.  They are the reason that you and I have the freedoms that we have today.  We must never forget the ones who have served and who are serving our country and the world today!!

Mentoring Healthy Parents Sunday Delayed

The teachers and principal are working on a list but because of all the COVID issues it is difficult to get the list of needs.  They will contact Shane as soon as the list is available.

Church mouse:  

“Growing in character bit by bit with each day is a wonderful way to make sure we aren’t wasting our lives ordained by God.”