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                                            General Board

    You are invited to stay and be a part of our monthly board meetings.  The General Board meeting is held the second Sunday of each month following our morning worship.

                                    A Gospel Sing

    Everyone come and have a great time!!  Anyone is welcome to come enjoy an evening of great music and wonderful fellowship.  We hope to see you there.

                                       Cedarcrest Sunday

     The residents need prizes for their weekly Bingo games.  Your donations of snacks, candy and stuffed animals provide these much appreciated prizes.  This is one more ministry you provide for those in need..


Our study on the Prayers of Jesus has begun..  We had very good attendance.  Thank you to everyone who came for dinner and the study.  If you are interested you can borrow the CD to watch the first session, “Watch and Pray’.  There are copies of the questions for the first session on the table in the foyer.  Our next Dinner and Study is June  14th   See you there!

Being Connected

        We are praying this morning for our sister church, Presbyterian Disciples - Pawhuska. Please sign the prayer letter on the table in the foyer.


        Susan and I will be celebrating with family and friends on August 12.  We will be celebrating 30 years in Oklahoma, to which you are all invited.  Wi will be taking August 13 off, but we have a problem.  All the regulars that would preach and play for our morning worship are out of pocket.  We need volunteers to preach and play the music.  It is really important that we be able to spend time with those who traveled to be a part of the celebration.  If you would be willing to volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me (Shane) know as soon as possible.